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Qualifications for Employment 6Hx23-2.02
Race Discrimination 6Hx23-2.01
Radiography Science Course Fees 6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
Radiography Program 6Hx23-4.68 P6Hx23-4.68
Raffles 6Hx23-1.19
Rank, Academic, Establishment of P6Hx23-3.901
Re-Employment of Former Employees 6Hx23-2.02
Real Property, Sanitation and Maintenance 6Hx23-6.01
Reallocation of Funds - See: Budget Preparation and Approval 6Hx23-5.02 P6Hx23-5.02
Reappointment or Non-reappointment of Instructional and Administrative Personnel Not Under Continuing Contract 6Hx23-2.22
Reassignment from Administrative/Professional to Full-Time Instructional Personnel 6Hx23-2.201 P6Hx23-2.201
Reassignment of Administrative/Professional Personnel 6Hx23-2.20 P6Hx23-2.20
Receipts, Deposits, and Disbursements 6Hx23-5.04 P6Hx23-5.04
Receiving - See: Support Operations P6Hx23-5.917
Receiving of Accountable Equipment P6Hx23-5.130
Receptions - See: Official Entertainment P6Hx23-5.908
Recertification of Personnel - See Professional Development P6Hx23-2.022
Reclassification of Positions - See: Employment - Career Service Personnel 6Hx23-2.15 P6Hx23-2.215
Reclassification of Positions 6Hx23-2.023  
Reclassification of Positions - Administrative/Professional Personnel 6Hx23-2.20 P6Hx23-2.20
Recommendations from the Student Body P6Hx23-4.38
Record Information, Release of Personnel 6Hx23-2.05
  • See: Curriculum and Instruction
6Hx23-3.04 P6Hx23-3.04
  • See: Academic Average and Repeated Courses
6Hx23-4.15 P6Hx23-4.15
  • Classification of Students
Records for Employees - See: Requirements of Records for All Employees 6Hx23-2.08 P6Hx23-2.08
Records, Public and Student, Fees for Duplication of 6Hx23-5.171 P6Hx23-5.171
Records and Reports 6Hx23-5.01 P6Hx23-5.01
Records Retention, Management and Destruction P6Hx23-5.919
Records, Student 6Hx23-4.37 P6Hx23-4.37
  • Holds - See: Disciplinary Rule
6Hx23-4.35 P6Hx23-4.35
  • Receipts, Deposits, and Disbursements
6Hx23-5.04 P6Hx23-5.04
  • Social Security Benefits for Students
Recreational and Leisure Time Matriculation Fees 6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
Reduction in Force - Career Service Personnel 6Hx23-2.17 P6Hx23-2.17
Reductions in Grade - Career Service Personnel 6Hx23-2.15 P6Hx23-2.15
Reductions in Grade - Administrative/Professional Personnel 6Hx23-2.20 P6Hx23-2.20
Refunds of Student Fee 6Hx23-5.19 P6Hx23-5.19
  • Admission - General
  • by Mail - See Receipts, Deposits, and Disbursements
6Hx23-5.04 P6Hx23-5.04
  • Changes in Program
  • Fees
6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
  • Fees for Conventions or Conferences - See: Travel Expenses
6Hx23-5.16 P6Hx23-5.161
  • Fees, Refunds
  • for Open Campus Classes - See Receipts, Deposits, and Disbursements
6Hx23-5.04 P6Hx23-5.04
  • General
6Hx23-4.01 P6Hx23-4.01
Regulations, Student Violations of 6Hx23-4.35 P6Hx23-4.35
Reimbursable Purchases P6Hx23-5.126
Reimbursement of Purchases by College Employees 6Hx23-5.12
Reimbursement to College by Employee for Extensive Training Following Resignation 6Hx23-2.27 P6Hx23-2.27
Reinstatement Fees 6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
Reinstatement of Students due to Involuntary Withdrawal Due to Excessive Absences 6Hx23-4.31 P6Hx23-4.31
Reinstatement of Students Withdrawn Due to Financial Obligations 6Hx23-5.27
Rekeying Lockset, Charge for 6Hx23-5.171 P6Hx23-5.171
Relationships, Institutional 6Hx23-1.13
Relatives Working at the College 6Hx23-2.13
Religion, Discrimination 6Hx23-2.01
Religious Accommodation 6Hx23-4.01 P6Hx23-4.01
Remediation 6Hx23-4.451 P6Hx23-4.451
Remodeling and Renovation to the Physical Plant   P6Hx23-6.02
Remote Access – Information Technology P6Hx23-6.9015
Rental of Cars, Buses, Etc. P6Hx23-5.909
Rental of College Facilities and Related Equipment 6Hx23-5.09 P6Hx23-5.09
Rental of College Property P6Hx23-5.132
Rental of Facilities in the Building Housing the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Library, Art Education Center and Auditorium - Tarpon Springs Center   P6Hx23-5.091
Repairs to the Physical Plant   P6Hx23-6.02
Repeated Courses  
  • See: Academic Average and Repeated Courses
6Hx23-4.15 P6Hx23-4.15
Reporting of Enrollment Data - See: Admissions and Reporting, External - Planning (Management Information System - MIS) P6Hx23-1.902
Reporting Improper or Fraudulent Financial Activities   P6Hx23-2.031
Reporting of Substantive Changes – Accreditation 6Hx23-1.32 P6Hx23-1.32
Reports and Records 6Hx23-5.01 P6Hx23-5.01
Request for Invoice P6Hx23-5.905
Requests from the Student Body P6Hx23-4.38
Requirements for:
  • Admission to the Radiography Program
6Hx23-4.68 P6Hx23-4.68
  • College of Public Safety – Southeastern Public Safety Institute
6Hx23-4.73 P6Hx23-4.73
  • Graduation - Associate in Science Degree
6Hx23-4.29 P6Hx23-4.29
  • Dental Hygiene Program
6Hx23-4.54 P6Hx23-4.54
  • Emergency Medical Services Program
6Hx23-4.55 P6Hx23-4.55
  • Funeral Services Program
6Hx23-4.71 P6Hx23-4.71
  • Health Information Management Program
6Hx23-4.70 P6Hx23-4.70
  • Healthcare Informatics Program
6Hx23-4.702 P6Hx23-4.702
  • Human Services Technology Program
6Hx23-4.62 P6Hx23-4.62
  • Medical Coder Certificate Program
6Hx23-4.70 P6Hx23-4.70
  • Medical Laboratory Technology Program
6Hx23-4.57 P6Hx23-4.57
  • Nursing Program
6Hx23-4.69 P6Hx23-4.69
  • Physical Therapist Assisting Program
6Hx23-4.60 P6Hx23-4.60
  • Records for All Employees
6Hx23-2.08 P6Hx23-2.08
  • Respiratory Care Program
6Hx23-4.61 P6Hx23-4.61
  • Rule Making
  • Veterinary Technology Program
Requisitions, Electronic Purchase P6Hx23-5.121
Resale of Complimentary Textbooks 6Hx23-3.911 P6Hx23-3.911
Research, Conducting Educational 6Hx23-3.908 P6Hx23-3.908
Reservation of College Facilities for Use by Students P6Hx23-4.911
Reservations, Lynch Auditorium and/or Gallery P6Hx23-6.909
Resident Classification 6Hx23-4.14 P6Hx23-4.14
Resignation 6Hx23-2.27 P6Hx23-2.27
Resolution of Complaints   P6Hx23-4.363
Respiratory Care Program 6Hx23-4.61 P6Hx23-4.61
Respiratory Protection Program 6Hx23-2.904
Responsibility and Authority of the President 6Hx23-1.06
Retention of Public Records P6Hx23-5.919
Retirees - Reemployment on Temporary Basis P6Hx23-5.127
Retirement - See: Terminal Pay (Sick, Vacation, DROP) 6Hx23-2.07 P6Hx23-2.07
Retirement Contributions - Payroll Deduction Authorization 6Hx23-5.11  
Retirement Enrollment Forms - See: Records Requirements for All Employees 6Hx23-2.08 P6Hx23-2.08
Retreats - See: Official Entertainment P6Hx23-5.908
Return of Goods P6Hx23-5.125
Returned Checks - See: Collection of Financial Obligations and Delinquent Accounts 6Hx23-5.27 P6Hx23-5.27
Rights of Students, Parents, and Guardians - Student Records 6Hx23-4.37 P6Hx23-4.37
Rights, Basic Human 6Hx23-1.341
Risk Management, Insurance and 6Hx23-5.08 P6Hx23-5.08
Royalties 6Hx23-1.35 P6Hx23-1.35
Rules and Procedures - Adopting, Amending, Deleting P6Hx23-1.11
Rules and Procedures: Requirements for Rule Making 6Hx23-1.11
Rules of Order 6Hx23-1.07
Rules of Procedure, Uniform 6Hx23-1.072
Rules of Student Conduct 6Hx23-4.33 P6Hx23-4.33

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