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Gallery Reservations P6Hx23-6.909
Gambling 6Hx23-1.19
  • See Also Student and Student Organization Regulations
6Hx23-4.33 P6Hx23-4.33
General Education Requirements for Associate Degree Programs 6Hx23-4.32 P6Hx23-4.32
Gifts to the College - See: Property Records 6Hx23-5.13 P6Hx23-5.13
Gifts, Undesignated, Auxiliary Enterprises and 6Hx23-5.07 P6Hx23-5.07
Good Academic Standing (Program-Based) P6Hx23-4.46
Gordon Rule 6Hx23-4.32 P6Hx23-4.32
Government of the College 6Hx23-1.08
Grade Point:
  • Average Calculations, Appeals to Exclude Coursework from GPA Calculations - See: Academic Average & Repeated Courses
6Hx23-4.15 P6Hx23-4.15
  • Averages - See: Admission and Records - Academic Average and Repeated Courses
6Hx23-4.15 P6Hx23-4.15
Grading System 6Hx23-4.20 P6Hx23-4.20
  • Disabled Students
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Fees
6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
  • Honors, with
6Hx23-4.22 P6Hx23-4.22
  • Requirements for:
  • All Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Applied Technology Diploma
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree:
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • See also: Graduation Requirements
6Hx23-4.29 P6Hx23-4.29
  • Associate in Arts Degree
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Associate in Science Degree:
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • See also: Graduation Requirements
6Hx23-4.29 P6Hx23-4.29
  • College Credit Certificate
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Dental Hygiene Program
6Hx23-4.54 P6Hx23-4.54
  • Health Information Management Program
6Hx23-4.70 P6Hx23-4.70
  • Human Services Technology Program
6Hx23-4.62 P6Hx23-4.62
  • Medical Coder Certificate Program
6Hx23-4.70 P6Hx23-4.70
  • Medical Laboratory Technology Program
6Hx23-4.57 P6Hx23-4.57
  • Nursing Program
6Hx23-4.69 P6Hx23-4.69
  • Physical Therapist Assisting Program
6Hx23-4.60 P6Hx23-4.60
  • Respiratory Care Program
6Hx23-4.61 P6Hx23-4.61
  • Approval
  • Approval, and Other Restricted Funding
  • Position (definition)
Grants - See: Scholarships, Athletic Grants-in-Aid and Student Financial Assistance P6Hx23-4.03
Grants - Student Incentive 6Hx23-4.493 P6Hx23-4.493
Grants-in-Aid 6Hx23-4.03 P6Hx23-4.03
Grievance Procedure, Non-Employee, for Persons with Disabilities P6Hx23-4.364
Grievance Procedure, Personnel P6Hx23-2.021
Grievance, Discrimination 6Hx23-1.34 P6Hx23-1.34
Grievances from the Student Body P6Hx23-4.38
Grievances, Student 6Hx23-4.36 P6Hx23-4.36
Group Seminars - Corporate Training Services Fees 6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
Guaranteed Maximum Price Projects 6Hx23-6.10  
Guest Speakers by Student Groups 6Hx23-4.42 P6Hx23-4.42
Guests at the College P6Hx23-4.915
Guests to the College - See Auxiliary Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts 6Hx23-5.07 P6Hx23-5.07



Handbook, Student 6Hx23-4.38
Handicapped Parking on College Property 6Hx23-1.25
Handicapped Students - Graduation Requirements 6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
Handicapped, Discrimination 6Hx23-2.01
Harassment and (Sexual) Relationships:    
  • Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
  • Sexual Harassment and Relationships Policy
6Hx23-2.011 P6Hx23-2.011
  • Student and Student Organization Regulations
6Hx23-4.33 P6Hx23-4.33
Hazardous Energy, Control of 6Hx23-2.903
Hazing 6Hx23-4.33 P6Hx23-4.33
Hazing Prohibited 6Hx23-4.331
  • Healthcare Informatics Program
6Hx23-4.702 P6Hx23-4.702
  • Information Management Program
6Hx23-4.70 P6Hx23-4.70
  • Health Insurance
  • Payroll Deduction Authorization
  • Related Course Fees
6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
  • Related Programs - Academic/Clinical Probation, Suspension and Dismissal
  • Related Programs: Associate in Science, Certificate, And Applied Technology Diploma—Special Rules
6Hx23-4.53 P6Hx23-4.531
  • Administrative, Student
6Hx23-4.36 P6Hx23-4.36
  • See: Presentation of Arguments and Evidence
  • See also: Uniform Rules of Procedure
  • Career Service Employee, Discipline
6Hx23-2.19 P6Hx23-2.19
  • Disciplinary Board, Students Before the
6Hx23-4.35 P6Hx23-4.35
High Schools and Colleges: Articulation P6Hx23-4.909
HIV / AIDS, Communicable Diseases 6Hx23-1.91 P6Hx23-1.91
Holds on Student Records - See: Collection of Financial Obligations and Delinquent Accounts 6Hx23-5.27
  • See Also: Disciplinary Rule
6Hx23-4.35 P6Hx23-4.35
Holiday Leave 6Hx23-2.39  
Holiday Pay - Career Service Personnel: 6Hx23-2.15 P6Hx23-2.15
  • See also: Workday and Workweek
6Hx23-2.14 P6Hx23-2.14
  • See also: Holiday Leave
Home Campus 6Hx23-4.21 P6Hx23-4.21
Honor List, President's 6Hx23-4.491
Honorary Degrees 6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
Honors Graduation 6Hx23-4.22 P6Hx23-4.22
Honors College 6Hx23-4.65 P6Hx23-4.65
Hospitality to Guests to the College - See: Auxiliary Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts 6Hx23-5.07 P6Hx23-5.07
Hours for Faculty, Weekly P6Hx23-2.141
Housing 6Hx23-4.41 P6Hx23-4.41
Human Resources - See: Salaries - Regular Employees P6Hx23-5.910
Human Rights, Basic 6Hx23-1.341
Human Services Technology Program 6Hx23-4.62 P6Hx23-4.62

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