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DCAAM Reports (Computer Assisted Advisement Module) 6Hx23-4.48  
Daily Rate of Pay 6Hx23-2.07 P6Hx23-2.07
Damage to Vehicles on College Property 6Hx23-1.25
Death of Employee - See: Terminal Pay 6Hx23-2.07 P6Hx23-2.07
Death, Emergency Procedure in Case of P6Hx23-1.231
Decals, Parking P6Hx23-4.34
Decision Making, Student Involvement in P6Hx23-4.361
Defaults on Tuition Payment Plans 6Hx23-5.27 P6Hx23-5.271
Deferment of Student Fees P6Hx23-5.918
Definitions 6Hx23-1.01
  • Awarding of
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • in Memoriam
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Second
6Hx23-4.25 P6Hx23-4.25
Deleting Rules and Procedures P6Hx23-1.11
  • See: Curriculum and Instruction
6Hx23-3.04 P6Hx23-3.04
Delinquent Accounts, Collection of 6Hx23-5.27 P6Hx23-5.27
Deliveries - See: Support Operations P6Hx23-5.917
Dental Hygiene:
  • Course Fees
  • Fees
  • Program
6Hx23-4.54 P6Hx23-4.54
Deposit of Funds See Receipts, Deposits and Disbursements 6Hx23-5.04 P6Hx23-5.04
Descriptions of Courses and Programs 6Hx23-3.04 P6Hx23-3.04
Description of Organization 6Hx23-1.08
Design-Build Firms, Professional Servics 6Hx23-6.13 P6Hx23-6.13
  • See: Curriculum and Instruction
6Hx23-3.04 P6Hx23-3.04
Destruction of College Property 6Hx23-4.33
Destruction of Public Records P6Hx23-5.919
Development Foundation 6Hx23-1.33 P6Hx23-1.33
Diplomas P6Hx23-4.24
Direct Purchases of Tangible Personal Property, Construction Related 6Hx23-5.129  
Direct Support Organization, Transfer of College Funds to 6Hx23-5.0711  
Direct Support Organizations 6Hx23-1.33 P6Hx23-1.33
Directory Information 6Hx23-4.37 P6Hx23-4.37
Disabled Persons, Employment 6Hx23-2.012
Disabilities, Students with:
  • Admission by Exception
  • Admission Requirements, General
6Hx23-4.02 P6Hx23-4.02
  • Course Substitutions
  • See Also:
  • Graduation
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Graduation Requirements
6Hx23-4.24 P6Hx23-4.24
  • Services for
Disabled Veterans P6Hx23-4.913
Disciplinary Procedure and Hearings for Students 6Hx23-4.35 P6Hx23-4.35
Discipline and Performance Improvement, Employment of Career Employees 6Hx23-2.19 P6Hx23-2.19
Discrimination - See: Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action 6Hx23-2.01
Discrimination - See: Students, Admission, Programs, and Activities - General 6Hx23-4.01 P6Hx23-4.01
Discrimination Grievance 6Hx23-1.34 P6Hx23-1.34
Diseases, Communicable, and AIDS 6Hx23-1.91 P6Hx23-1.91
Dishonored Check Charge 6Hx23-5.171 P6Hx23-5.171
Dishonored Checks:   
  • See: Collection of Financial Obligations and Delinquent Accounts
6Hx23-5.27 P6Hx23-5.27
  • Returned
Dismissal - See Disciplinary Rule 6Hx23-4.35 P6Hx23-4.35
  • Academic
6Hx23-4.46 P6Hx23-4.46
  • President
  • Probation, Suspension, Academic/Clinical
6Hx23-4.46 P6Hx23-4.46
  • Health Related Programs
Disorderly Conduct  
  • Student
6Hx23-4.33 P6Hx23-4.33
  • Employee
6Hx23-2.19 P6Hx23-2.19
Disposal of Surplus Property - See Property Records 6Hx23-5.13 P6Hx23-5.13
Disposition of Public Records P6Hx23-5.919
Disruptive Activities 6Hx23-1.30 P6Hx23-1.30
Disruptive Behavior, Suspension of Students With Disorders Resulting in Unusual or Disruptive Behavior 6Hx23-4.333 P6Hx23-4.333
Board of Trustees (f/k/a/ District Board of Trustees)    
  • Duties and Powers
  • Facsimile Signature of the Chairman
  • Meetings
  • Rules for Hearings before BOT:
  • See: Presentation of Arguments and Evidence
  • See also: Public Comment
  • See also: Uniform Rules of Procedure
  • Travel by
6Hx23-5.16 P6Hx23-5.161
  • Trustee Emeritus
  • See: Meetings of the Board of Trustees
District Office (definition) 6Hx23-1.01
Donations to the College - See: Property Records P6Hx23-5.13
Dress Code for Students 6Hx23-4.33 P6Hx23-4.33
Drops 6Hx23-4.31 P6Hx23-4.31
Drug-Free Workplace P6Hx23-2.02
Drug-Free Workplace Requirements - See: Grant Approval P6Hx23-5.25
Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators 6Hx23-2.021
Drugs on College Property 6Hx23-2.02 P6Hx23-2.02
Drugs Use, Possession, Sale, etc. by Students 6Hx23-4.33 P6Hx23-4.33
  • Enrollment Students - Admission Requirements
  • Enrollment
6Hx23-4.28 P6Hx23-4.28
Duplicate Diploma Fees 6Hx23-5.17 P6Hx23-5.17
Duplication of Personal Material, Fees for 6Hx23-5.171 P6Hx23-5.171
Duplication of Public and Student Records, Fees for 6Hx23-5.171 P6Hx23-5.171
Duties and Powers of the Board of Trustees 6Hx23-1.03

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