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Face-to-Face Courses - Fall Term 2018 (0535)

ACG 2021
Financial Accounting

ACG 2071
Managerial Accounting

AMH 1091
African-American History

AMH 2010
History of the United States I

AMH 2020
History of the United StatesII

AML 1600
African-American Literature

AML 2010
American Literature I: to 1865

ANT 2000
Introduction to Anthropology

ANT 2410
Cultural Anthropology

ARC 1301
Architectural Design I

ARC 1701
Architectural History I

ARC 2303
Architectural Design III

ARC 2461
Materials & Methods of Const I

ARH 1000
Understanding Art

ARH 2050
Art History:Ancient to Gothic

ART 1201C
Design I

ART 1203C
Design II

ART 1300C
Drawing I

ART 1330C
Drawing II

ART 1750C
Ceramics I

ART 1751C
Ceramics II

ART 2400C
Printmaking I

ART 2500C
Painting I

ART 2501C
Painting II

ASL 1140C
Basic American Sign Lang w/Lab

ASL 1150C
Interm American Sign Langw/Lab

ASL 1160C
Advanced American Sign LangwLb

ASL 1300
Structure American Sign Lang

ASL 1430

ASL 1510
Introduction to Deaf Culture

ASL 2210C
American Sign Language IV W/LB

AST 1002
Universe: Infinite Frontier

AST 1003
The Solar System

AST 1022L
Observational Astronomy Lab

ATE 1110
Animal Anatomy

ATE 1110L
Animal Anatomy Lab

ATE 1211
Animal Physiology

ATE 1636
Lge Animal Clinical & Nrsg Ski

ATE 1650L
Veterinary Clinical Prac Lab I

ATE 1654L
Veterinary Clinic Prac Lab II

ATE 1671L
Laboratory Animal Medicine

ATE 1741
Veterinary Med Terminology

ATE 1943
Veterinary Work Practicum I

ATE 2050C
Small Animal Breeds & Behavior

ATE 2611
Animal Anesthesia

ATE 2631
Animal Nursing

ATE 2638
Animal Lab Procedures I

ATE 2638L
Animal Lab Procedure Lab

ATE 2639
Animal Lab Procedures II

ATE 2639L
Animal Lab Procedures Lab II

ATE 2651L
Animal Nursing & Medicine Lb I

ATE 2653L
Animal Nursng & Medicine Lb II

ATE 2656L
Lg Animal Clincl & Nsg Skls Lb

ATE 2661
Large Animal Diseases

ATE 2710
Animal Emergency Medicine

ATE 2722
Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine