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All Courses - Spring 2023-2024 (0630)

SCE 4113
Science Concepts in the Elemen

SLS 1101
The College Experience

SLS 1264
Leadership Development Seminar

SLS 1301
Career & Life Planning

SLS 1501
Study Skills for Academic Succ

SPC 1017
Intro Speech Communication

SPC 1065
Speaking for Professionals

SPC 1608
Public Speaking

SPC 1608H
Honors Public Speaking

SPC 1608
Public Speaking

SPC 1631
Women and Communication

SPC 2300
Interpersonal Communication

SPM 3154
Principles of Sports Managemen

SPM 4104
Sports Facility and Event Mana

SPN 1120
Elementary Spanish I

SPN 1121
Elementary Spanish II

SPN 2201
Intermediate Spanish II

SSC 1001
Early Titan Seminar

STA 2023
Elementary Statistics

STA 2023H
Honors Elementary Statistics

STA 2023
Elementary Statistics

STA 2041
Data Analysis & Stat Modeling

STS 1302L
Intro to Surgical Tech Lab

STS 1302
Intro to Surgical Technology

STS 1340
Pharmacology and Anesthesia

STS 2324L
Surgical Procedures II Lab

STS 2324
Surgical Procedures II

STS 2944C
Surgical Technology Clinic I

SYG 2000
Introduction to Sociology

SYG 2010
Social Problems

SYG 2324
Principles of Substance Abuse

SYG 2430
Marriage and Family