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Dr. Kristine Whaley

Dr. Kristine Whaley
St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
HS 127

Kristy Whaley has been working and studying in the field of theology and religion since 2007. She earned her Bachelors from the University of Northern Colorado in English Literature and Writing, and spent a short time teaching middle school. She then attended Denver Seminary, earning a Masters in Theology, and did graduate course work in English Literature from UNC, both of which led her to begin teaching undergraduates. She spent 6 years teaching various undergraduate courses in theology in Colorado before moving to Scotland to complete her PhD.

She earned her PhD from the University of Glasgow, in the Literature, Theology, and the Arts program. Her doctoral thesis focused on the doctrine of the image of God in humanity, particularly seen and experienced through trauma and suffering. In exploring this theological doctrine, she challenged the traditional theology with literary questions, focusing on the works of Jean Rhys, and utilizing literary method and criticism. This combination of theology and literature has allowed Dr. Whaley to spend equal time in both fields, and to continue her passion of interdisciplinary studies. She continues to reserach in this intersection, working on pop culture and theology as well as literature and theology.

Dr Whaley divides her time between the Gibbs campus and the Downtown campus, and so it is easiest to reach her by email to schedule an appointment.