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Mr. Anthony Seabrook, MBA, CTT+, ITIL

Mr. Anthony Seabrook, MBA, CTT+, ITIL
Seminole Campus
LI 113
Adjunct Faculty

Teaching Philosophy

As an IT professional and college instructor for the past 18 and 11 years respectively, I have not been short of opinions in the fields of education and technology. However, my teaching philosophy has evolved from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered framework. It is my position that institutions and academics should be keenly aware of the current state of higher education across the varying modalities to invoke metacognition and deep learning. However, dominant understandings of expertise do not align well with contemporary academic workplaces that are now characterized by complexity and uncertainty (Kaczynski, McMullen, & Tennant, 2009). 
As a result of this thinking, I focus on providing education that is more relevant to the needs of students and their potential employers.  As a 21st century academic, I also believe students’ involvement in the planning and execution of class material can result in the best learning experience. In my classes, I strive to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment that will invite students to share detail they deem necessary to promote their learning. This type of environment only works if there is a trusting teaching-learner relationship.

*Currently pursuing a PhD in Leadership and Education/ Higher Education Administration at Barry University. My current research information on Neo-Identity can be found here: Harold Seabrook on ResearchGate