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Nikki Riggs

 Nikki Riggs
Veterinary Technology Center
VT 127
(727) 302-6744

I am a Certfied Veterinary Technician with 20 years of clinical experience in a variety of small animal hospitals, including: rehabilitation, general practice, and emergency.  I obtained my AS and BAS in Veterinary Technology from SPC and then continued onto the University of South Florida to pursue my Masters in Career and Technical Education.  I focus on the use of hands on skill development in my laboratory classes and then work on increasing my student's ability to more fully understand the needs of veterinary medicine and how to apply the material they are learning in school into their clinical settings.  
In my free time, I still work part-time in a 24 hour emergency/specialty practice.  I have three younger children and enjoy learning to explore the world with them, reading, and spending time with my other family members.