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Wendy Rib

 Wendy Rib
Seminole Campus
VT 113
Faculty,12 Month
(727) 302-6722

I am Dr. Wendy Rib. I am an equine veterinarian, though I an now retired from practice.  I am a faculty member in the baccalaureate program of the Veterinary Technology Program. If you are in the clinical track, you will find me instructing many of the clinical classes including pharmacology, introduction to animal science.  nutrition, and nursing.  I love online teaching and  I strive to make my courses as interactive as possible.  I want my students to experience the convenience of online learning while maximizing their educational experience through frequent interaction and thought provoking assignments. 

In addition to teaching, I also like learning.  I have just completed my dissertation in anthropology at USF.   I believe my years of experience in animal health will help to solve human health problems, especially within the One Health model.  

When I am not occupied with teaching and learning, you will find me enjoying time with my pets and family.  We share a special love for music, reading, and traveling.