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Prof. Antonio Paris

Prof. Antonio Paris
Tarpon Springs Campus
LY 120
Professional Trainer
727 588 6261

Antonio Paris is an Adjunct Professor at St. Petersburg College and the Chief Scientist at the Center for Planetary Science. He is currently the Primary Investigator at Site B 10-meter Radio Telescope in Central Florida researching gamma ray pulsars and black holes.

His latest peer-reviewed publications include:

  • The Physiological & Psychological Aspects of Sending Humans to Mars - an extensive research centered on the implications of prolonged spaceflight, which include radiation, the cardiovascular system in space and long-term nutritional concerns in a microgravity environment.
  • Hydrogen Clouds from Comets 266/P Christensen and P/2008 Y2 (Gibbs) are Candidates for the Source of the 1977 "Wow" Signal - a hypothesis proposing the alleged extraterrestrial "Wow" signal was a result of a neutral hydrogen envelop from a planetary body. 
He is a professional member of the Washington Academy of Sciences and the American Astronomical Society.