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Terrie Lee

 Terrie Lee
Seminole Campus
UP 337
Adjunct Faculty

Before coming to SPC I worked with a Federal earth science agency called the US Geological Survey in their Water Resources Division.  At USGS I wrote study proposals and did applied environmental science in Florida.  Applied means I worked extensively in the field, and usually with teams of scientists and technical experts from different backgrounds - chemists, ecologists, geologists, equipment gearheads with expertise in satellite telemetry and all kinds of field sensors, well drillers, scuba divers, etc.  I'm an engineer by training with BS and MSE degrees in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida.  My publications detail my studies of wetlands, rivers, lakes, and groundwater from my work as a Research Hydrologist (use keywords "USGS" and "Terrie M Lee" or go to  Early on, I worked as an Environmental Specialist II for FDEP between my BS and MS degrees.   

Environmental issues worldwide, and especially in my backyard of Florida, fascinate me now as much as ever.   While I'm still fairly new  to teaching in the Environmental Science Technology program at SPC, I feel completely at home with the excellent students and with the rich course material.   My teaching philosophy aims to develop a keen sense of observation and a critical thinking process in my students.  I enjoy teaching earth and environmental science courses because I believe in the words of Albert Einstein who said "Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better."   Sounds like a plan!