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Dr. Meg Delgato

Dr. Meg Delgato
St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
TE 105D

If you have ever visited my faculty page in the past several years, you have seen my official philosphy of education and my other thoughts on teaching and learning. 

It is so very clear that we are in a new time with new challenges, so I decided to simplify my thoughts and share with you what I think is most important and vital with regard to who I am as a faculty member at SPC:

  • I will move mountains (i.e., do whatever I can) to help you achieve your personal and professional goals;
  • I strive to make the work in my courses meaningful to you so you can then apply your learning and your take-aways to the real world;
  • I believe we rise by lifting others;
  • I believe in more than one chance to demonstrate what you know and are able to do;
  • I know we are not promised a trouble-free life, yet I know Who is in charge;
  • I know there is nothing in my courses that will impact world peace, so we will work together to figure it out when troubles arise - whatever those troubles are;
  • I realize online learning presents a different set of challenges so I do my best to give students the tools to help them excel in the virtual classroom;
  • I am certain that my job as faculty has brought me the most satisfaction of any job I have ever held and that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am called to do;
  • I am in complete awe of the talent, diversity, hopes and dreams of each one of my students, and I learn as much from them as they do from me.