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Dr. Brian Bell

Dr. Brian Bell
Tarpon Springs Campus
BB 128
Lead Faculty, Biomed Engr

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Spring Term 2020-2021 (0585) arrow 0585
 BME 2930   Spcl Topics in Biomedical Eng 2144TSOnline01/11/2103/05/21
 ETI 1420   Manuf Processes/Materials I 2610CLSPC Live Online01/11/2105/07/21
 ETM 1010C   Mechanical Msrmt & Instrumnttn 0878CLBlended01/11/2105/07/21
 ETS 1412C   Managing Medical Technology 2829TSBlended01/11/2105/07/21
 ETS 2440C   Optics and Imaging 2051TSBlended01/15/2105/02/21
 ETS 2470C   Medical Device Cybersecurity 3897TSOnline01/11/2105/07/21
 ETS 2940   BMET Work Experience 2230TSIndependent Study03/15/2105/07/21
Fall Term 2020-2021 (0580) arrow 0580
 BME 1008C   Intro to Biomedical Engineer 2164TSOnline08/17/2012/11/20
 BME 2930   Spcl Topics in Biomedical Eng 2363TSIndependent Study08/17/2010/09/20
 EET 1084C   Introduction to Electronics 2296CLSPC Live Online08/17/2012/11/20
 ETI 1420   Manuf Processes/Materials I 1148CLSPC Live Online08/17/2012/11/20
 ETM 1010C   Mechanical Msrmt & Instrumnttn 2957CLBlended08/17/2012/11/20
 ETS 2424C   Electro-Mechanical Systems 2278TSSPC Live Online08/21/2012/06/20
 ETS 2424C   Electro-Mechanical Systems 4509TSIndependent Study08/17/2012/11/20
 ETS 2940   BMET Work Experience 2413TSIndependent Study10/12/2012/11/20
Summer Term 2019-2020 (0575) arrow 0575
 BME 1008C   Intro to Biomedical Engineer 1172TSSPC Live Online05/18/2007/24/20
 BME 2930   Spcl Topics in Biomedical Eng 0855TSIndependent Study05/18/2007/24/20
 EET 1084C   Introduction to Electronics 1010CLSPC Live Online05/18/2007/24/20
 ETS 2940   BMET Work Experience 1105TSFace-to-Face05/18/2007/24/20