Faculty by Name




Abaquita, Edwin Mathematics St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Abernethy, Gary College of Computer and Information Technology St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Adamich, Julie College of Business Clearwater Campus
Adams, Mike Natural Science Seminole Campus
Afienko, Kenneth College of Public Safety Administration Allstate Center
Ajmo, Ted Natural Science Tarpon Springs Campus
Ajmo, Joanne Natural Science Tarpon Springs Campus
Albero, Richard Mathematics Clearwater Campus
Albrecht, Osiris Foreign Language Seminole Campus
Alexander, Christina Humanities Seminole Campus
Aliberto, Kylie Communications Clearwater Campus
Allen, David Mathematics St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Allen, Kari Letters Seminole Campus
Alonzo, Andrea Communications St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Altuna, Margarita Foreign Language Tarpon Springs Campus
Alves, May Natural Science Clearwater Campus
Andrasik, Stephen Natural Science St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Andrews, Paul CJI AA/AS/Academies Allstate Center
Angle, James College of Public Safety Administration Allstate Center
Anthony, Elaine Veterinary Technology Veterinary Technology Center
Taktikos, Elena Natural Science Seminole Campus
Apple, Dennis Social Science St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Apple, Neoka Social Science SPC Downtown
Apple, Rebekah Ethics St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Appunn, Frank College of Business EpiCenter
Ardila, Michelle Communications St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Arellano, Ana Natural Science Tarpon Springs Campus
Arenas, Alejandro Fine & Applied Arts St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
Ashe, Toni College of Business EpiCenter
Atkinson, Loree Financial Assistance Services Seminole Campus
Attia, Sahar Corporate Training Services EpiCenter
Austin, Robert Natural Science Clearwater Campus
Austin, Tori Communications Tarpon Springs Campus
Ayers, Amelia Communications Clearwater Campus