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Dr. Amy Hale

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I'm Dr. Amy Hale, cyber prof and educational facilitator. I teach HUM 2210. I am both an anthropologist and folklorist, and have worked with the Cornish people on the far western peninsula of Britain for over a decade. I received my B.A. in Anthropology from New College in Sarasota and my M.A. and PhD in Folklore from UCLA. I have been designing and teaching web based courses since 1999 when I was working in the U.K., and I love it. In addition to teaching, I do a lot of writing and research on some pretty wacky topics. I've co-edited two books (New Directions in Celtic Studies and Inside Merlin's Cave: A Cornish Arthurian Reader), and currently working on two more and written about thrity articles, mainly relating to modern Celtic subjects. Outside the classroom I enjoy writing, travel, and all sorts of outdoor activities. I live in Oakland CA with my husband and our two cats. We are fans of the San Francisco Giants and we love watching Roller Derby!

My teaching philosophy is very student centered. I firmly believe that we're all in this learning journey together. I like to get my students to use critical thinking skills and try to apply what they learn to their everyday lives. As a teacher, helping students to think critically and ask good questions is to give them the best tools around! If you need to contact me, ANGEL e-mail is your best bet, and I try to respond within 24 hours. My SPC e-mail address is halea@spcollege.edu. I do not have a phone extension but if you need to speak with me, e-mail me to arrange a chat or phone an e-campus advisor on (727) 394-6106.


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