Kirsten Tersteegen

 Kirsten Tersteegen

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Seminole Campus
TL 104F
(727) 444-6130


My love of reading and writing motivated me to pursue a degree in English.  I received my bachelor degree from the University of Rhode Island and completed graduate courses in reading at the University of South Florida. I have a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on educational technology from the University of Florida. I am also a certified developmental education specialist, having completed the required courses at the Kellogg Institute at Appalachian State University.  I am currently teaching developmental writing, developmental reading, and an integrated reading and writing course. I lived abroad for many years where I taught English as a second language, which began my career in teaching.  My teaching experience ranges from the elementary school level to the college level.  I believe that education is the key to success, and that learning should be a lifelong objective. I strive to instill this love of learning in my students.

On a personal level,  I am an avid reader, indiscriminately reading most genre; I love to travel, enjoy hiking, kayaking, and any other outdoor activity. I am partial to warm weather, so Florida is the perfect place for me.


Office Schedule

10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Seminole Campus, TL 104F
10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Seminole Campus, TL 104F

Tutoring Availability

I am available for tutoring during my office hours and by appointment.

Classroom Schedule

No classroom schedule for the current term: Summer Term 2016 (0515)

Subjects Taught

English Composition

Course Schedule

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Summer Term 2016 arrow 0515
  ENC 0015   Development Writing I 0333SEOnline5/16/167/08/16
  ENC 0025   Development Writing II 0334SEOnline5/16/167/08/16
Spring Term 2016 arrow 0510
  ENC 0015   Development Writing I 2128SEOnline1/11/165/06/16
  ENC 0025   Development Writing II 2129SEOnline1/11/165/06/16
  ENC 0015   Development Writing I 2216SEFace-to-Face1/11/165/06/16
  ENC 0025   Development Writing II 2226SEFace-to-Face1/11/165/06/16
  ENC 0027   Develop Reading & Writing II 3285CLFace-to-Face1/11/165/06/16