Mr. Frederick Bennett, MBA, MA

Mr. Frederick Bennett, MBA, MA

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Welcome to my instructor page.
As an instructor, my goal is to draw out knowledge from the student by building on the foundation that each individual possesses. Instruction is a matter of guidance and elucidation for the student, to be able to lead them to new insights. It is a continuous, lifetime process that is constantly changing. 
The core of applied ethics is helping the young “learning how to learn” and providing some guidance on how to manage what lies ahead. It is application and adaptation of life experiences for the older student that can help them see the world from a different vantage point and help open new doors of opportunity. Ethics education is not just information and knowledge; it is an integral part of the life time search for wisdom and happiness. 
As an instructor at SPC, I take my role very seriously. I have an obligation to provide education to the students, leadership and knowledge to the communities and markets we serve, and help SPC develop skilled employees, quality global citizens, and well rounded human beings. 
My role as an ethics educator is not to teach students what to think, but to teach them how to think better. To open their minds to a greater understanding of why they see the world as they do, and why others may see it differently. To help students to take this understanding, combine it with reason and apply it to the decisions they make in their lives and roles in society. To give them tools they can use throughout their lives and instructions on how to use them in relevant social and personal ethical situations. 
In the classroom I hope to both teach and inspire. To this end I bring my education & experience.


  • Currently a graduate student in College of Education at University of South Florida
    • working on PhD, with a focus on teaching ethics, sustainability and social responsibility
  • MA in Philosophy / Ethics (2011) from USF
  • MBA in Finance and Accounting (1979) from Shippensburg University (PA)
    BSBA in Finance and Accounting (1978) from Shippensburg University (PA) 
    Associates Degree (1976) from Harrisburg Area Community College (PA)
  • Teaching:
    - Adjunct Instructor at SPC since 2005, teaching both the basic Applied Ethics course and the 
       Professional Ethics course.
    - Adjunct Instructor at USF startng in 2011,
              teaching Honors College Applied Business Ethics on Tampa Campus
              teaching Leadership Fundamentls on the St. Petersburg Campus
  • Professional:
    - 2004-2011: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Lykes Bros. Inc. (a family
                                  owned business in an agricultural {citrus, cattle, ranching},insurance, and
                            land entitlement)
                       President Lykes Land Investments. (real estate division)
                       President EcoAsset Solutions. (sustainability and environmental consulting unit).
    - Over 25 years prior experience as a CFO, Treasurer, Controller, Vice President, President
                             Business and Market Research Analyst, and Operations Manager
               - Including strategic planning, finance and accounting, human resources,
                  legal department management, information technology, insurance, office management.
             - In commercial and residential construction, land development, golf course operations,
                  electronics, imports and exports, and manufacturing 
Community and academic involvement
  • SPC Applied Ethics Center Advisory Board 
  • University of the University of Tampa Center for Ethics Advisory Board 
  • Big Brothers of Pinellas (A "big" with a little brother)
  • The Beth Waters Friendship Fund (Spring of Tampa Bay, Athena & Faces of Courage)
  • Board of the Audubon of Florida
  • Board of Governors of the Florida Workers Compensation JUA


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12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Clearwater, PT 157
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Clearwater, PT 157

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