Matthew Solan

 Matthew Solan
St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
LA 110
Adjunct English Instructor
(727) 458-9201


Master of Fine Arts in Writing, University of San Francisco

Bachelor of Science in Journalism and English, University of Florida

Teaching Philosophy:

Writing is more than putting words on a paper. It involves thought, organization, research, revisions, and editing. In this class, you will study the basic structure of essay writing  introduction, body, and conclusion  as well as explore the various phases of writing: brainstorming topics, developing strong thesis statements, drafting detailed outlines, researching to find the right sources to support your claims, and writing copy that is clear and compelling. You will have required reading and writing assignments for all classes and will be expected to participate in discussions related to the craft of writing. What you learn in this course lays the foundation for success in all future courses that require writing.  But the ability to express your thoughts in writing goes well beyond your course work. Whether you write a memo to your supervisor or a proposal for a project or even a letter to a friend, you will always need the ability to express yourself with the written word.