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Dr. Susan Demers

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My undergraduate degree in Speech and Drama and my law degree from the University of Florida were just the beginning of my education. As the child of teachers who were themselves life long learners, I am a trained bibliophile as well as a news junkie. I am also what the marketers refer to as an early adopter; my first personal computer was the TRS 80 and my first hand-held device was Apple's Newton. This doesn't mean that I know it all or that I have conquered technology. On the contrary, I freely admit that the more I learn the more I have to learn and what I really know is that technology should be respected at all costs.

Several years ago I served as president of the Clearwater Bar Association and I have spent the intervening years working towards integrating technology into the practice of more lawyers. (See the photo attached!) I also teach the Technology in Litigation course at Stetson College of Law which has given me the opportunity to help larval lawyers develop organizational, story-telling and persuasive techniques which include technology in all phases of litigation.  

Thanks to my participation in the Clearwater Bar Association I served as commissioner on the Florida Bar President's Special Commission on Paralegal Regulation which resulted in the proposed Rule 20 scheme of volutary regulation for paralegals.  When the rule was adopted there was much skepticism about the interest of paralegals in the State of Florida in voluntarily sumitting themselves to the regulation of the Florida Bar.  A huge number of paralegals throughout the state have embraced this program proving thier interest in professionalism and the seriousness of their commitment to the profession. I believe that this is a watershed moment in the development of the paralegal profession. I look forward to seeing what the next years bring to this challenging and rewarding profession.

I am pleased that current Florida Bar President Eugene Pettis has appointed me to the Commission on the Future of the Profession-Vision 2016.  Part of our charge is to look at the role of paralegals in the future.  


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