Mr. James O'Neil, BA, MA

Mr. James O'Neil, BA, MA
Seminole Campus
UP 337
Adjunct Instructor
(727) 341-3768

In 1963 I began teaching--and have not stopped since.  I formally retired in 2003, having taught in Illinois, Minnesota, and now in Florida since 1980.  I have taught composition classes, literature courses, humanities, and taught in education programs.  I have been keeping a personal journal since my 21st birthday, and also have shared the journal-keeping method with students and with other teachers.  I find the journal is a method of learning about one's self and a method of learning to write better and fearlessly.

I am an avid movie-viewer, a pseudo-student of the film, with a special interest in war films, romantic comedies, and psychological thrillers.  Additionally, I try to understand how food is used in the movies, from food fights to fancy meals. 

Two hobbies keep me busy: collecting model airplanes, WWII fighter planes; and reading.  Reading is an interest from when I was able to hear my first stories.  Now I like to write my personal stories, my "memoirs."

I believe that art can be serious and can be fun.  But great art--and writing--should affirm life, should be special.  Like food, some is tasted, some just enjoyed.  But some is left to savor and perhaps even talk about.  "This is really great tasting!"  "This story is really worth reading again!"

I like to read, to write, and to talk--and tell stories.  My writing helps me clarify what I think, believe, and feel.  My special writings and books and movies I can go back to time and again--and still find something new, something special.  And THAT is what makes them special.