Dr. Shonda Flores, MEd, MBA, Ph.D

Dr. Shonda Flores, MEd, MBA, Ph.D

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Dr. Shonda L. Flores began serving as a site-based administrator for Hillsborough County Schools, an A-rated school district, in Tampa, Florida. During her honorable leadership experiences she was chosen among her peers to complete the Preparing New Principals Program, PNP, and consequently selected by the district to attend a Leadership Development Institute hosted by Eckerd College. After serving two years in one of the top schools in the Hillsborough County she desired to take on a new endeavor. Dr. Flores landed a dynamic opportunity becoming Assistant Principal for Curriculum at an urban populated school in Tampa, Florida, which she was later introduced as Interim Principal. Plagued with low-test scores, high teacher attrition rate, high disciplinary issues and the challenge to complete renovation, she and her staff began to make innovative changes that will improve the culture and academic success for students. Dr. Flores was transitioned into this position at a time of turmoil and harsh criticism of the public due to the school's report card grade and other illuminating issues. Her exceptional leadership skills, ability to handle difficult situations, customer service skills and tenacity proved to be a catalyst for positive change which brought a calming influence in the community and among the student body. After one year, student achievement rose as documented by improved student test scores. The school earned a grade of a C rising above the previous school year grade achievement. She was later offered an opportunity to return to an inner city school to provide disciplinary and curriculum leadership experience in order to reduce the number of challenges the school faced and increase student achievement. Dr. Flores was appointed an administrative position, overseeing the construction project of a new school. The construction budget for this project was $24 million with a staff of 93 persons. The school was rated an A school during the 2008-2009 School Year. Her success lies with her abilities to combine her varied experiences and skills when working to meet the needs and engagement of all students.

Dr. Flores is currenlty a member of Hispanic Educators for Change, in Hillsborough County Public Schools, to recruit, mentor, and retain Hispanic educators. She has worked in the public and private sector in varied leadership roles to include Executive Board Member for Charter Schools. Having worked in the corporate and academic environments, Dr. Flores' major areas of interest include building and maintaining collaborative learning organizations via Professional Learning Communities, cultural diversity, motivation, personal and professional development and leadership development.

In the corporate and academic setting, Dr. Flores has received numerous accolades for superior teaching and corporate motivation.  She is held in high esteem by her colleagues, students and surrounding community. Dr. Flores integrates practical experiences with schools, businesses and community organizations and ignites personal growth with the lives she touches, assisting with the realization that one can only hold themselves back. No one else has the power! People are also encouraged, "not to be afraid to be amazing!" -Andy O. Irwin

At National-Louis University Dr. Flores has actively assisted in the accreditation process of National-Louis with the National Council for Accreditation of Teaching Education (NCATE), and was a speaker at the National-Louis University's Florida Teaching Festival, which was presented in Tampa, Florida.

Most recently, she worked passionately in the corporate setting supervising, motivating and providing superior customer service in a fortune 500 company. Dr. Flores assisted in the incorporation of "A Spirit to Serve" and the collaborative effort in building and maintaining a learning organization with an emphasis on rewards as a motivational factor.

After graduating from the University of South Florida, she became a classroom teacher. Dr. Flores has worked for several years in the community. She has worked closely with the College Reach-Out Program, CROP, affiliated with Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Florida and the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation as a curriculum coordinator.  Dr. Flores is a graduate of National-Louis University, where she earned her Master of Education and Master of Business Administration, MBA. She recently completed her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration specializing in Public Management and Leadership.

Dr. Shonda Flores has three intelligent and talented children: Alexis, middle school math teacher, Carlos, Sheriff Deputy, and Christian Di'on, USAF. Her involvement with civic organizations, college outreach programs, and other youth programs allow her to remain connected with the surrounding community.

Dr. Flores is results-driven and believes in cultivating a positive school environment creating a culture of excellence. She is noted for her sense of humor and her positive attitude. Dr. Flores galvanizes her life and others with her words "There are places in our lives we desire to explore, but unless we venture out, we will never meet with the realities within our personal selves. Let go of the things you cannot change and hold onto those things you can! Live life, don't live in it!" -Shonda Latrece Flores


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