Ms. Linda Berghoff, MFA

Ms. Linda Berghoff, MFA

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Linda Berghoff's art explores symbolic cross-cultural experiences, bringing together many elements revealing the endless possibilities of paper when creating prints, paintings or drawings. After receiving a BFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, she received a MFA teaching assistant scholarship in printmaking to study at Tyler's Rome, Italy campus. While in Italy she lived, worked and exhibited with Italian artists. From that supportive experience, an exciting connection between the artists developed. As a result her teaching evolved incorporating real life learning experiences into creating art. Working with Italian artists convinced her that the creation of art is more than a self-absorbed exploration in which "Art can connect real life experiences into our lives." Berghoff teaches Fine Art at St. Petersburg College. She taught at Newbury College in Boston where she received two Massachusetts art grants, and served as an assistant at the Berghoff-Cowden print workshops. She has also exhibited in the Tampa Museum of Arts "Undercurrent/Overview" exhibition series, the University of Tampa, and in the New York area.Recently she was in the Florida artist group exhibition at the Cornell Museum. Berghoff's travels to other countries exemplifies her interest in experiencing their arts influenced by the decorative arts, believing both western and non-western cultures use the art to integrate their way of life. While in Japan a few years ago she visited a traditional old screenprint kimona workshop, researching the traditions and how the special fabrics made for the kimona use their significant designs, which are reminiscent to her previous fabric experience with silkscreen printmaking. She believes her investigation of Japanese art and culture influenced not only her artwork, but also her view of how the Japanese experience in the visuual arts compares to the west. The east/west experience, shaped by the integration of the arts into daily life and the cultural tradition in which "History, craft and the arts are integrated intellectually into a society", influenced her development as a artist and teacher. Her recent works reveal how the complex layering within a structured format is a vehicle for surface experimentation alluding to references about a certain individual or group of individuals, place or culture. Each work is a dialogue of juxtaposed elements constantly at play. In some artworks the build up of layered surfaces and uneven densities of paint and drawing create a shifting pattern of color and texture aimed at expressing something hidden or buried. Such references come from Surrealism with its abundant "visual" history,specifically automatism and the "collage esthetic". Unlike the Cubists, the Surrealists worked toward an interior image. This way of looking at the world was intended to reveal unconscious truths of an entirely personal order. As a result, her artworks contain imprints of this imagery, merging with non-western traditions such as African and Asian Art.

Besides an MFA degree, Ms. Berghoff has an MS degree in Arts Administration from Drexel University.


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ART 1300C   #1799
TS FA109
9:30 am - 12:10 pm
ART 1300C   #1799
TS FA109
9:30 am - 12:10 pm

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