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Go Blue!

Born and raised in Michigan and educated in Chicago, I was anxious to leave the cold midwest and relocate to the sunny seaside. I attended the University of Michigan where I earned a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Communications. After working in sales for several years in Chicago I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an educator. Depaul University had the program that met my needs and I earned a Masters in English and a Masters in Education while teaching at the college level. After working with college students there was a postion that opened in an inner-city, at-risk high school on the west side of Chicago. It was a challenging and rewarding experience that changed my outlook on my profession and my goals.

When I am not teaching I spend time with my family - Mr. Burns and our toddler Duncan. He keeps us on our toes!! 

Have a great semester, and best of luck. 





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English Composition, Literature

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  ENC 1101   Composition I 0312ECOnline8/15/1612/09/16
  LIT 2120   World Lit II Renaissanc-Presnt 2951ECOnline8/15/1612/09/16