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My path in life to this point has taken many twists and turns.  After taking my very first Humanities class (at SPC, then SPJC), I wanted to be a Humanities major.  However, everyone told me I couldn't make a career out of it.  I listened and went in a different direction.  After one associate’s degree, two bachelor’s degrees (chemistry and fine art), and 10 years as a commercial photographer, I finally went back to school and received my MLA in Humanities.   What I walked away with from my educational past, other than an extreme amount of credit hours, is the realization you should never listen to what anyone else thinks you should do with your life.  If you love doing something, you will often be successful, even if you have to make some detours on that chosen path.  

I believe it is very important to understand, not only the cultures of our own past, but the cultures of other countries.  So many ideas repeat generation after generation.  If we understand the past, we can try to improve our own civilization.  I feel everyone should stand inside a true gothic cathedral and admire its aura, attend a classical musical performance, or visit an art museum to see a work of art in person.  Even if you don't become a humanities major, it is my hope that you become a more well-rounded individual.  You never know when you will go on a date with someone who wants to go to an art museum, when you will watch a film set in the Roman Empire, or when you will see a famous work of art in a television show.  Plus, if you are ever on Jay Leno's "Jaywalkers" segment, you might know who painted the "Mona Lisa" (Leonardo da Vinci, by the way).  :)


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HUM 2270   #1598
TS LY120
5:00 pm - 6:50 pm
HUM 2210   #1089
TS BB209
7:00 pm - 9:40 pm
HUM 2270   #1598
TS LY120
5:00 pm - 6:50 pm

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Fall Term 2016 arrow 0520
  HUM 2210   Western Humanities:Ancient to 1089TSFace-to-Face8/15/1612/09/16
  HUM 2270   Humanities (East-West Synthes) 1598TSFace-to-Face9/12/1612/09/16
  HUM 1020   Introduction to Humanities 4272ECOnline8/15/1612/09/16
  HUM 1020   Introduction to Humanities 5318ECOnline8/15/1612/09/16
Summer Term 2016 arrow 0515
  HUM 1020   Introduction to Humanities 2025ECOnline5/16/167/22/16