Mr. Richard Werner, MA

Mr. Richard Werner, MA

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I teach general, abnormal and social psychology, on an adjunct basis, at the Tarpon Springs campus.  I have been associated with St. Petersburg College since 2003.  I have a B.S. degree with honors in psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD (1977) and a M.A. degree in psychology from The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. (1979).  These institutions are accredited through the regional academic associations sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Education and my degrees are recognized by the American Psychological Association of which I am a member in good standing.  

As a retired U.S. Army combat veteran I had a number of challenging military assignments in the Infantry, Adjutant General's Corps and Criminal Investigation Command.  I began my Army career in 1963, at the age of eighteen, with a tour in Germany.  This enabled me to begin learning about other cultures at an early age.  I was later assigned to the 3rd Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division, Republic of Vietnam, with combat operations on the Cambodian border.  I was medically evacuated in early 1967 and returned to Vietnam a year later for an assignment to the Saigon area command where I served for 18 months.

 Later in my career, while assigned to the Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID), I managed the administration in two of the three Army Crime Laboratories, located in Japan and Germany, responsible for the forensic analyses of evidence collected by investigative units of all branches of the military.  Subsequently, I was assigned to the Office of the Commanding General at CID headquarters in Washington, D.C.

 I began working in the field of psychology the year I received my M.A.: a special assignment to manage the Community Drug and Alcohol Abuse Assistance Center, at the Pershing Nuclear Missile base near Stuttgart, Germany.  In this capacity, I counseled drug and alcohol abuse clients and intervened in non-drug related problems being experienced by soldiers and their family members.  Later in my tour, I was appointed the Deputy Community Commander of the base and was responsibile for all community support elements in the area. 

 Early in my assignment to Pershing, I began my teaching career at the University of Maryland's European division as a Lecturer in Psychology.  My tenure with the University of Maryland, University College spanned ten years. This period includes the courses I taught at both the European divison and later the Asian division:  general, abnormal, social, and child psychology, personality and adjustment, stress management and child abuse and neglect.  I received an Excellence in Teaching award from the University of Maryland, Asian Division in 1988. 

I retired from the Army in 1983 after twenty years of service during which I received six major awards: three Army Commendation Medals and three Meritorious Service Medals.  I was later employed by the U.S. Civil Service (GS-12) at Yokosuka Naval base near Tokyo, Japan where I provided counseling/psychotherapy to military personnel, Department of Defense employees and their family members.  I also offered lectures, seminars and workshops in mental health to the community at large. Additionally,  I provided clinical supervision to the counseling staff of the Family Service Center and Family Advocacy Department as well as occasionally being called upon to visit the ships of the U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet to provide psychological services at sea.

Later in the decade (1986  - 1990),  I worked as a consultant for SONY corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, where I managed the English Language Program For Executives and taught the SONY Business Management Course for mid and upper-level managers.  I was also the Program Manager for English Language Training at the headquarters.  This involved contracting with various training  providers in Japan and the United States. 

Upon returning to the Tampa Bay area in 1993 I worked for The Harbor Behavioral Science Institute and later began teaching at Florida Metropolitan University's Clearwater campus.  While at  FMU, I taught general, abnormal and social psychology, sociology, criminology, American national government, srategies for success and business law. 

I am currently a consultant in psychological resilience for the Department of Defense and am engaged in research regarding the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on military veterans. 

My teaching philosophy centers on providing a learning environment in which students relate formal theory to life experience enabling them to truly understand the myriad concepts of the field and to ultimately learn to use psychology to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. 

My interests include reading, classical music, guitar, physical fitness, world travel, SCUBA diving, and the Japanese language and culture.


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