Ms. Mary Dawn Pyle, M.A.

Ms. Mary Dawn Pyle, M.A.

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Teaching World Religions is challenging, inspiring and fun! I enjoy connecting with my students and discussing the beauty and wisdom found in all the world's religions. But the best part is watching students become excited about what they are learning and to see them grow as persons when they are introduced to big ideas from around the world. In addition to teaching f2f classes for SPC, and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I also teach World Religions online to students in Ecuador.

I have a Masters in Religious Studies from USF, and a BA in Social Welfare from University of West Florida. Formerly a member of the Applied Ethics Department, I co-authored and co-edited Ethics Applied, Edition 5.0, and Business Ethics Applied, Edition One. I am also a contributing author to the currrent edition of the Ethics course textbook. I have taught at SPC since 1997. 

 I have also written a book called Time Out, which teaches ways to reduce stress and increase peace and serenity by focusing on the present moment. I have also made a relaxing and spiritual guided meditation CD called "Journey into Presence". I provide coaching and tutoring services, and teach a few seminars on religion, spirituality, and personal transformation. 

Even though I have worked in a church and as a Hospice Chaplain, I consider myself spiritual but not particularly religious. When I am not teaching or tutoring, I enjoy spending time with my new grandbaby, my daughters and friends, writing, meditating, reading, walking by the water, and playing with Morgan, the happiest dog in the world.


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