Sue Cornett, Assoc. Professor

 Sue Cornett, Assoc. Professor

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You've reached St. Petersburg College, and perhaps you are ready to move around the world with us. I teach composition courses, Western Humanities, Eastern Humanities, World Literature, Intro. to Film and World Cinema. In a growing global economy, I try to help my students see the real and the romantic aspects of life in other cultures and times, through Asian perspectives,  African empires,  and Medieval jousts. Perhaps you can join us for foreign  travel, and learn to see the world through the eyes of different cultures,  different ages and different genders.  As recent times clearly show, learning to see and to understand the essential humanity of those from another culture is becoming vital to surviving the 21st century.  Come watch some movies from around the world in World Cinema, or see what Tibetan monks living in exile in Nepal think about the World Cup ( the REAL football) during East/West Synthesis of Humanities. Talk to me about the effects movies and television have had on your lives.

Shhhhh. Even though I graduated from the University of Florida, I'm a big "Noles" fan.  You tell me: is Bobby Bowden really still alive or is this all Disney animatronics? Are the Bucs coming up for a great season? And the Rays . . . well . . . it's been a surprising year.


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