Dr Berthe Honein, Ph.D

Dr Berthe Honein, Ph.D

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Born in Beirut Lebanon, I started taking piano lessons at the age of 4.

In 1968, I was 8 years old then, I gave my first live performance at the assembly Hall of the American University of Beirut (AUB).

After graduating from High School in 1978, I attended the Faculty of Music of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik/Lebanon, where I pursued musical studies toward a Ph. D. in Music education and an advanced piano diploma.

I got my Bachelor in music (piano) in 1982. And my teaching Diploma in music education in 1983.

From 1982 to 2000 I was appointed as a music Faculty at the University of the Holy Spirit of kaslik (USEK), The University of St. Joseph (USJ) and the Lebanese University (UL) where I taught the following courses: Piano, Music theory, Music education, music appreciation as well as History and analysis of western music.

In 1987 I recorded my first CD “Rehna Meshouar”, a collection of Lebanese songs for children, intended to introduce music to kids.

In 1995 I published my first book “ DO-Mi-Sol”, that focuses on a method specifically designed to teach kids Solfege (sight singing).

Starting 1996, I took part in many educational activities and devoted myself to the promotion of musical education to the children.

From 1998 to 2001 I was in charge of training the future music teachers at the Ecole Normale, section musique, and to teach the following courses: Music education, psychology and music education, The philosophy of music education.

In 2000 I was appointed as the director of studies and the Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Music of the Holy Spirit University of kaslik. During my tenure, I manage the Faculty of Music, a position in which I employed teachers, advised students, and developed artistic as well as academic programs. It was my responsibility to organize studies, examinations, plan and execute artistic and cultural events which included concerts, conventions, competitions… In addition to my administrative responsibilities through the years, I have been engaged in teaching piano, history and analysis of western music, music education, Organology, Ethnomusicology, music languages, and related curriculum as I trained scores of students to become future music teachers throughout my career. 

 In 2002 I got  my Master degree in Musicology and in 2005 I got a Ph. D. in Music Einducation at The Holy Spirit University of Kalsik, Lebanon.

In 2005 I was appointed as the Vice president of the administrative Committee of the Forum of music institutes of the Arab country.

Between 2000 and 2007 I traveled a lot and gave lectures in Europe and the Middle East at several conventions and kept writing and publishing articles concerning music and music education.

 My teaching philsophy:

I believe in an active method of teaching. The student must not be seen only as a receiver but as an active participant in his own learning.

The lesson should remain pleasant and joyful so the student can always enjoy playing piano and enjoy the music.

The ways of teaching should always lead to the development of the faculties of observation, concentration, creativity, self confidence, personal expression as well as musical skills.

Finally I insist on the encouragement and the support of the students regardless of their specific talents or skills towards a more effective and beneficial musical experience.  I always keep in mind that after all human beings are more important than musical results.



Office: FA 203
Phone: (727)341-4737 or (727)254-1797




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11:00 am - 1:30 pm
St. Petersburg / Gibbs, FA 209
11:00 am - 1:30 pm
St. Petersburg / Gibbs, FA 209
11:00 am - 7:00 pm
St. Petersburg / Gibbs, FA 203
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
St. Petersburg / Gibbs, FA 203

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No classroom schedule for the current term: Summer Term 2016 (0515)

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Applied Music: Keyboard

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Spring Term 2016 arrow 0510
  MVK 1111   Class Piano 0483SPFace-to-Face1/11/165/06/16
  MVK 1211   Applied Music Secondary Piano 1308SPIndependent Study1/11/165/06/16
  MVK 2321   Applied Music Principal -Piano 1478SPIndependent Study1/11/165/06/16
  MVK 2021   Applied Music Enrichment Piano 2991SPIndependent Study1/11/165/06/16
  MVK 2221   Applied Music Secondary-Piano 3442SPIndependent Study1/11/165/06/16
  MVK 2221   Applied Music Secondary-Piano 3534SPIndependent Study1/11/165/06/16
  MVK 1211   Applied Music Secondary Piano 4972SPIndependent Study1/11/165/06/16
  MVK 1011   Applied Music Enrichment Piano 5140SPIndependent Study1/11/165/06/16