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3200 34th St. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33711

The state-of-the-art Allstate Center opened in 1991 and is home to the Southeastern Public Safety Institute (SEPSI). Earn certificates, associate and bachelor's degrees or take in-service training through: Corrections Academy, Equivalency of Training Academy, Firefighting Academy and Law Enforcement Academy.
Kenneth Afienko
Paul Andrews
James Angle
Gabrielle Bain
Angel Bates
Rosanne Beck
Lauren Bley
Jonathan Blinkey
Dominick Briganti
Geoffrey Brown
Aaron Bruckler
David Brumfield
Joseph Bruni
Terry Byrd
Paul Capo
Warren Cargill
Terrance Clements
Leocadio Cordero
Charles Crowther
John Curran
Tracy Dean
Erick Despirt
John DeWolfe
Michael Dibuono
Lynn Ernst
Thomas Evans
Daniel Fitzgerald
Steven Fletcher
Brian Frank
Kurt Fritz
Calvin Gordon
Jevon Graham
Daniel Graves
Thomas Greear
Charles Guiles
Edward Hintz
Lawrence Huffman
Michael Hughes
Shirley Johnson
Randall Keys
Todd Kirchgraber
Neil Kummerer
James Large
Michael Lathrop
Thomas Layfield
Robert Lee
Frank Lewis
Christopher Littlewood
Michael Livingston
Joseph Manning
Steven Mccarthy
William McGann *
Lavester Miller
Eric Miller
Jeremy Newton
Dean O'Nale
Mary Pacheco
Timothy Pilson
Adam Poirrier
Carol Rasor
Howard Rein
James Rhyne
Michael Rios
Paul Roberts
Eddie Rodriguez
Shana Sapp
Rebecca Sarver
Terry Schenk
Brian Schonborn
Louis Sclafani
Alan Shedler
Rayman Stanelle
Janie Staples
Brandy Stark *
Dorene Thomas
Kevin Thomas
Jeffrey Ulevich
Gail Walker
Joseph Ward
Ada Ward-Timmons *
Thomas Weaver
Dena Weiss
Rebecca Wolf
  * office located on different campus