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ARC SCORING TOOL (Assessment of Critical Thinking)

Please read the responses to the ARC scenario.  Then, rate the responses with this ARC Scoring Tool regarding the following Performance Elements:

1. Communication (Define problem in your own words)

2. Analysis (Compare & contrast the available solutions)

3. Problem-Solving (Select & defend your final solution)

4. Evaluation (Identify weaknesses in your final solution)

5. Synthesis (Suggest ways to improve/strengthen your final solution)

6. Reflection (Reflect on your own thought process.  "What did you learn from this process?"  What would you do differently next time to improve?")


Please provide the following information about yourself. When asked to fill in "Company" put in the Group number or name your decided upon in the first class.

* 1.

Performance Element:  Communication (Define the problem in your own words)

* 2.

Performance Element:  Analysis  (Compare & contrast the available solutions).

* 3.

Performance Element:  Problem-Solving  (Select & defent your final solution).

* 4.

Performance Element:  Evaluation  (Identify weaknesses in your final solution). 

* 5.

Performance Element:  Synthesis  (Suggest ways to improve/strengthen your final solution).

* 6.

Performance Element:  Reflection  (Reflect on your own thought process. " What did you learn from this process?"  "What would you do differently next time to improve?"  

* 7.

List the first and last names of all members of your group:

* 8.

List the name or number of the group you are rating/evaluating:

* 9.

Please select the name of your instructor for HUS 1111

* 10.

Please select the semester that you are taking HUS 1111.

* 11.

Please select the year you are taking HUS 1111.

If you have comments about this survey or questions regarding how to complete this survey, please contact Cheryl Kerr at or call (727) 341-3736.

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