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Electrical Lineworker Program Interest Form


Please use this form to express your interest in applying for St. Petersburg College's "Electrical Lineworker Program".  You MUST complete this form to indicate your interest and so that we can add you to our contact list to invite you to upcoming MANDATORY Boot Camps for entrance into the program.

Right now, our MAIN funding source (CareerSource Pinellas WIOA Funding) is for Pinellas County residents.  If you are a resident OUTSIDE of Pinellas County, you will most likely need to SELF-PAY ($7,500) or enroll in a payment plan.  In some outside counties, you might be able to work with your local CareerSource office to see if they will approve you for WIOA Funding to take our class.


Click Here to View The Official "Electrical Lineworker Program" Flyer


Contact Information:

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Full Name:

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Which Florida County is your Primary Residence Located?

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Please choose which cohort (day or night) you would like to attend.

Time Commitment & Valid Driver's License

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St. Petersburg College's "Electrical Lineworker Program" requires committment on the part of each accepted student.  You will be expected to attend class Monday through Thursday for 6 hours a day, from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM for 14 Weeks (Daytime Class Option) or Tuesday through Thursday 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM for 20 Weeks (Evening Class Option).  In addition, you will be responsible for completing out-of-class assignments.  Please only apply if you can commit your schedule to this.

* 8.

To participate in this program, and to get a job as an Electrical Lineworker, you must first have an ACTIVE & VALID Florida Driver's license.  You will need this for class, as you will be receiving training to upgrade this license to a Class A Restricted CDL license.  If your license is suspended or expired (or if you do not have a license), you will NOT be able to participate in this program.

* 9.

As mentioned, this course has a CDL training and certification compenent.  To verify your license, we will need to ensure that it is in good standing. Please list your license number for verification (as it is listed on your license).  PLEASE INCLUDE THE LETTERS AND DASHES.

* 10.

Do you give SPC permission to run your license for verification?

Funding Opportunities

Funding is available for this program.  Please answer the questions below to allow us to find the best funding opportunity for you.

* 11.

If you are a Pinellas County resident, have you ever applied for funding through CareerSource Pinellas?

* 12.

The Lineworker Program is $7,500 for registration and enrollment.  Which funding solution will you be using for registration and enrollment?

* 13.

We no longer have Rapid Credentialing funding for Pinellas County residents affected by COVID-19.

There is limited funding for some City of St. Petersburg Residents in certain areas (St. Pete Works covers the zip codes of 33701, 33705, 33711, 33712, and 33713 with potential funding) as well as youth funding through PITCH.  Please reach out to Natalie Washington (727-341-3479 / to confirm eligibility for St. Pete Works scholarships and Antonio Seay (727-341-7947 / for inquiries on PITCH funding.

If you feel like you may qualify for the funding above, please select YES and contact the staff above.  Otherwise, select NO indicating that you will either have to obtain funding through CareerSource Pinellas or self-pay ($7,500).  Payment plans are available.

Job Placement

* 14.

Taking this class does NOT guarantee you job placement.  This class will give you a "foot in the door" and will be looked upon HIGHLY amongst companies looking for lineworkers.  We will do everything we can to help you find a job, but taking this class does NOT guarantee Job Placement.  The class will include professional development training (resume writing, interview skills, etc.) that will be helpful in your job search.  In addition, CareerSource Pinellas can assist with job placement opportunities as well.

Acceptance into Class

* 15.

The selection/approval for this class is as follows:

ALL Students must attend and pass an in-person Boot Camp to be accepted and enrolled into class.  The Boot Camp is mandatory and will test physical skills as well as give students a brief introduction into the Lineworker field.  Boot Camp updates will be announced via e-mail to all students completing this survey, and invites will be FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED.  

Click here to attend our next Boot Camp:


**If accepted, all students are responsible for obtaining funding/paying for the class.  Also, once enrolled if any student misses more than three(3) days without a valid medical excuse (Doctor's note), they will be dropped from the course with no refund.


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What is your boot size?

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What is your glove size?

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What is you shirt size?

If you have comments about this survey or questions regarding how to complete this survey, please contact Christopher Cain at or call 727-302-6561.

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