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Financial Assistance Services (FAS) Student Success Story Candidate Information

Share your success!

Are you a financial aid recipient? Do you have a story to tell? We want to know it! Submit your extracurricular activities, personal triumphs and hardships and the role that financial aid has played in your life. Distinguished applicants will be selected and highlighted throughout SPC.

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Degree Program and Major Information

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What is your current degree program? (AA, AS, BAS, etc.)
What is your current major? (Dental Hygiene, Business Management, etc.)
What are your future educational and career goals after graduation from SPC?

Success Story Information

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Please identify any clubs or organizations you have participated in at SPC, as well as your position.
Please identify any volunteer opportunities or internships you have participated in during your time at SPC.
Please identify any hardships you have experienced, whether they are personal or financial in nature. How did you overcome these hardships?
Please describe how federal financial aid has assisted you in fulfilling any personal or academic goals during your time at SPC.
Eligible candidates will be contacted individually and will be asked to provide a photo of themselves to be displayed alongside their submission. Candidates may also submit a video to be displayed on our website (optional).

Certification & Acknowledgement

By providing the information below, I certify that the above information is accurate and truthful. I understand that I may be contacted by a representative of Financial Assistance Services to provide additional information, and I understand the information I provide may be subject to college-wide publication. I hereby authorize St. Petersburg College, its Board of Trustees and its employees (SPC) to photograph, record, tape, film or electronically capture in permanent form my name, likeness, image, voice, biographical and personal information, appearance and/or performance, and/or further to use and publish my writing(s) (collectively "work").

I further grant SPC full permission to edit my writings and the original footage, data, voice or images as shall be deemed necessary; that the work and my name may be used, publushed and distributed without remuneration to me in whole or in part for educational, instructional or promotional purposes in print or over open broadcast, cable, audio-visual, radio, closed-circuit exhibition, computer link, or other medium for College purposes as deemed appropriate by SPC in perpetually, throughout the world. For these purposes, I waive and relinquish my personal rights, privacy rights and rights under the Family Education Rights, Privacy Act and student records law of the state of Florida. Said work and all components thereof shall become the sole property of SPC and may be copyrighted in its own name or a name of its choosing.

I also release SPC from any and all claims for libel, slander, invasion of privacy or other claims based on my appearance and/or performance - or use the recording of such - and agree to hold SPC harmless from any and all claims by the Third Parties, including any claim based on allegation of copyright infringement from my appearance and/or performance.

The Board of Trustees of St. Petersburg College affirms its equal opportunity policy in accordance with the provisions of the Florida Educational Equity Act and all other relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations. The college will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or against any qualified individual with disabilities in its employment practices or in the admission and treatment of students. Recognizing that sexual harassment constitutes discrimination on the basis of sex and violates this Rule, the college will not tolerate such conduct. Should you experience such behavior, please contact Pamela Smith, the director of EA/EO/Title IX Coordinator at 727-341-3261; by mail at P.O. Box 13489, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-3489; or by email at 

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If you have any questions or comments about this survey, please contact Chelsea Echols at or call (727) 341-3009

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