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SPC Remote Access Request Form


The procedure in which VPN access is requested is as follows:

  1. User completes form.  The form will send a confirmation e-mail to the user's college contact person.
  2. Once the contact person receives the e-mail from AIS, review the form for accuracy and if the need is present, forward the e-mail with APPROVED in the body to the VPN Request Approval Group at  
  3. A VPN Request Approver will then review request, approve or deny, and send to the VPN administrators to complete processing of the request.

Verify the college person's email address is entered correctly in the Email field.  They will receive the form for their approval.

College Contacts
Review the request, and if you approve of this request, forward the e-mail to VPNApprovals with the words "APPROVED" for approval on the request for VPN access.

* 1.

Is this request for an SPC employee or for a contractor/vendor account?

SPC employees must complete the employee portion of the VPN request.  Click here to be redirected.

* 2.

I confirm that I have read the Remote Access Policy and the DBT Rules cited therein and agree to abide by all terms and responsibilities.

All requestors must read, follow and adhere to, and accept the Remote Access Policy before continuing with the Remote Access request.

Please provide the following information about yourself.

* 3.

User's First Name

* 4.

User's Last Name

* 5.

User's Phone Number

* 6.

User's E-Mail Address


If you have a user name with SPC, please provide it here. (ex. smith.john)

* 8.

Contractor accounts are, by standard, approved for 90 days of access.  Do you have a requirement that exceeds this amount of time?


What is your justification for the extended access?

* 10.

What is the purpose for which the VPN access is requested?

* 11.

What servers/networks/devices do you need access to?  What are the folders or IP Addresses in which these devices are located?


Provide any additional notes that you deem necessary to include with this request.

Please provide the name and email address of the SPC college contact who will approve this request. 

* 13.

* 14.


If you have comments about this survey or questions regarding how to complete this survey, please contact Administrative Information Systems at or call 727-791-2795.

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