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SPC International Transient Student Admissions Application

This application is for non-U.S. citizen foreign students as designated under the F-1 Visa category, who are currently degree-seeking students at another institution who want to attend St. Petersburg College for a term and then transfer the completed coursework back to their home insitution.

International Admissions is currently in PEAK time and applications will be processed as soon as possible (typically 3 to 5 business days).

Admissions Requirements:

Application for Admission

$40 Application Fee

Readable copies of your Passport, Visa, I-94 (front and back), and I-20 (pages1-3)

Transient Approval Form from your home institution's Registrar's office

*This application in no way guarantees your enrollment into your desired course(s). Enrollment is subject to course and seat availability.

What type of student are you?
What is your SPC Student ID number?
First name
Middle name

Last name

Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
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Social Security Number (if applicable)

Please provide a readable copy of your card.

Permanent Address (outside of U.S.)
Mailing address (in U.S.)
Telephone number (home)
Telephone number (cell)
E-mail address

Information on ethnic origin, sex, and age of students is VOLUNTARY and will not be used for discriminatory purposes.


When do you plan to enroll at St. Petersburg College?

What college/university are you seeking your degree from? (Home Institution)


Please select one of the following as your Home Campus:
Country of citizenship
Country of birth
What is your native language?
When was your VISA issued?
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When does your visa expire?
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What is the program end date of your current I-20?
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St. Petersburg College does not accept financial guarantees or third-party guarantees on the behalf of transient students during the Summer term. Students assume full responsibility for the full unsubsidized non-resident tuition and fees. Tuition and fees must be paid to SPC by SPC's universal tuition due date.


How do you plan to pay for your tuition and fees?


In case of emergency, notify:



Relationship to student
Emergency contact's address
Emergency contact's phone (home)
Emergency contact's phone (business)
Emergency contact's phone (cell)

I understand that as an F-1 visa student I do not qualify as a Florida resident for tuition purposes.I hereby apply for admission to St. Petersburg College and agree that, if accepted, I will abide by all rules, procedures and policies of the college, now and hereafter adopted, as set forth in the Board of Trustees Rules and Procedures Manual and as published in the college catalog and student handbook. I certify that as a condition of admission, I will not unlawfully possess, use, sell, purchase, manufacture, deliver, or possess with the intent to sell, purchase, manufacture, or deliver any controlled substance while enrolled at St. Petersburg  College. I understand that it is my responsibility to request that my high school and/or college transcripts be forwarded to the college. However, I authorize St. Petersburg  College to obtain my high school and/or college transcript(s), and other necessary admission records, including test scores, from other institutions that I have attended, electronically and/or hard copy. I certify that the answers given herein are true and correct. I further understand that a false statement in this application or any admission document will subject me to penalties pursuant to §837.06, Florida Statutes; and is grounds for denial of admission or, upon further discovery, grounds for dismissal and invalidation of college credit or degree based on such credit.

By submitting this application, I am granting permission to St. Petersburg  College, its agents and staff to use video and photographs of myself for SPC promotional/advertising materials without charge. No promises have been made, no consideration is involved for their use. If I do not want SPC to use video and photographs of myself, I will inform the associate provost on my home campus.

A copy of St. Petersburg College’s Annual Security Report — which includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by St. Petersburg College; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus and which includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault, and other matters — can be obtained by contacting either the associate provost’s office, site administrator’s office, the Campus Security office or the office of Human Resources.

The Board of Trustees of St. Petersburg College affirms its equal opportunity policy in accordance with the provisions of the Florida Educational Equity Act and all other relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations. The college will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, genetic information, or against any qualified individual with disabilities in its employment practices or in the admission and treatment of students. Recognizing that sexual harassment constitutes discrimination on the basis of sex and violates this Rule, the college will not tolerate such conduct. Should you experience such behavior, please contact the director of EA/EO/Title IX Coordinator at 727-341-3261; by mail at P.O. Box 13489, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-3489; or by email at


If you have any questions or comments about this form, please contact SPC International Center at or call 727-341-3251

St. Petersburg College is committed to equal access/equal opportunity in its programs, activities, and employment. For additional information visit St. Petersburg College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.