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Dr. Amanda Daniels

Dr. Amanda Daniels
Health Education Center  |  Directions & Campus Map
HE 274F
Chair, Nursing

= Amanda Daniels has added information specific to this course. (syllabus, video, class meeting times, etc.)

Spring Term 2020-2021 (0585) arrow 0585
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 1805HECFace-to-Face01/11/2105/07/21
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 1807HECFace-to-Face01/11/2105/07/21
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 1808HECFace-to-Face01/11/2105/07/21
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 2590HECFace-to-Face01/11/2105/07/21
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 2850HECFace-to-Face01/11/2105/07/21
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 2851HECFace-to-Face01/11/2105/07/21
 NUR 3066   Hlth Assmnt & Physcal Apprasal 3906HECOnline03/15/2105/07/21
Fall Term 2020-2021 (0580) arrow 0580
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 1054HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 2059HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 2065HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 2066HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 2690HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 4001HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 4003HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 4004HECFace-to-Face08/17/2012/11/20
 NUR 2811C   Nursing Care Mgmt Practicum 0975HECIndependent Study11/09/2012/11/20
 NUR 3066   Hlth Assmnt & Physcal Apprasal 3639HECOnline08/17/2010/09/20
 NUR 3655   Nursing in Mlticulturl Society 4274HECOnline10/12/2012/11/20
Summer Term 2019-2020 (0575) arrow 0575
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 0204HECFace-to-Face05/18/2007/29/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 0205HECFace-to-Face05/18/2007/29/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 0206HECFace-to-Face05/18/2007/29/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 0227HECFace-to-Face05/18/2007/29/20
 NUR 2462C   Nursing III 0228HECFace-to-Face05/18/2007/29/20