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All Courses - Summer Term 2016 (0515)

RCP 0730
General Public Safety Trng

REA 0007
Development Reading I

REA 0017
Development Reading II

REA 0056
Reading Techniques II:Bridge

REA 1105
Critical Reading and Thinking

RED 4519
Diagnosis & Intervent in Rdng

REL 2000
Introduction To Religion

REL 2300
World Religions

RET 2284
Adv Modalities & Monitoring

RET 2876L
Clinical Practice III

RET 2879L
Clinical Practice VI

RET 4494
Advanced Cardiopulmonary Patho

RMI 1201
Prncple Prop & Liablity Ins

RTE 1513C
Radiographic Procedures II

RTE 1513L
Radiographic Procedures II Lab

RTE 1804L
Radiographic Clinical Educ I

RTE 2782
Radiographic Pathology

RTE 2834L
Radiographic Clinical Educ IV

RTE 2949
Co-op Work Experience