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All Courses - Summer Term 2015 (0500)

RCP 0700
Introduction Community Plcng

REA 0007
Development Reading I

REA 0017
Development Reading II

REA 0056
Reading Techniques II:Bridge

REA 1105
Critical Reading and Thinking

RED 4014
Rding/Wrting & Lang Arts K-6

RED 4043
Reading w/in Disciplines 5-12

RED 4519
Diagnosis & Intervent in Rdng

REL 1210
Old Testament Survey

REL 2300
World Religions

RET 2284
Adv Modalities & Monitoring

RET 2876L
Clinical Practice III

RET 2879L
Clinical Practice VI

RET 4494
Advanced Cardiopulmonary Patho

RTE 1513C
Radiographic Procedures II

RTE 1513L
Radiographic Procedures II Lab

RTE 1804L
Radiographic Clinical Educ I

RTE 2782
Radiographic Pathology

RTE 2834L
Radiographic Clinical Educ IV

RTE 2949
Co-op Work Experience