Ms. Miriam Barrison, MA

Ms. Miriam Barrison, MA

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My teaching career began in 1989, after graduating from the State University of New York at Stony Brook  with a BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Education.  While teaching secondary Social Studies in New York for a number of years, I found myself often incorporating the humanities (literature, music, art) into my lessons about the  I found it quite natural to focus on the humanities as I pursued my Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies at the University at Stony Brook, which I completed in May 2007.

After living in New York for most of my life, my family decided to relocate to Florida and we have lived in the Tampa Bay area since 2005.  When I am not teaching, I spend time with my husband,  my two children,  and my dogs, "Moe" and "Rudy".  We enjoy spending time out in nature, hiking the incredible trail systems in Florida, exploring the natural environment, participating in hobbies such as geocaching and of course exploring the many cultural opportunities right here in Florida. I also love to knit and when I'm not teaching, I am an Etsy Entrepreneur where I run my own knitting shop. :)

I love teaching and have a strong belief in the learning potential of all students.  No matter what or whom I am teaching, I believe in the power of an interactive learning environment and I attempt to foster a classroom in which the learning styles of many types of learners are addressed.


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  HUM 2270   Humanities (East-West Synthes) 0367DTFace-to-Face1/11/165/06/16
  HUM 1020   Introduction to Humanities 4473MTFace-to-Face1/11/165/06/16