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What requirements do I need to meet for online classes?

Before you enroll in online courses, make sure you have access to a computer and Internet connection that meet these technical requirements. Some St. Petersburg College programs have specific technical requirements in addition to the general requirements listed on this page. Check with the advisors of your degree program to determine whether or not additional technical requirements exist.

Computer Specifications

Your computer's hardware must meet these outlined requirements in order to use online classes and other systems at SPC. 'Hardware' is a term used to describe the physical components of the computer. You will be able to determine these specifications by checking with the manufacturer of your computer.

Platform Minimum Requirements Recommended
PC Pentium IV with 3 GHz (gigahertz) processor
1 GB (gigabyte) of RAM
Duo Core with a 2 GHz (gigahertz) processor
2 GB (gigabytes) of RAM
Mac Intel Core Solo 1.6 GHz (gigahertz)
1 GB (gigabyte) of RAM
Intel Dual Core
2 GB (gigabytes) of RAM

Operating System Specifications

An 'Operating System' is required to make any use of your computer. The operating system manages your computer's hardware and determines the execution of compatible software (computer programs). If you do not know which operating system you are using and would like assistance, call 727-341-4357 or e-mail

Platform Compatible Operating System
PC Microsoft Windows XP, or
Microsoft Windows Vista, or
Microsoft Windows 7
Apple Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Web Browser Specifications

A 'web browser' or 'browser' is a specific type of software (computer program) used to access files hosted on the Internet. Not all web browsers are alike.

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

For online classes, you must use either Internet Explorer (Please contact technical support for latest compatible version); or Mozilla Firefox (Please contact technical support for latest compatible version). You may use Mozilla Firefox for completing schoolwork, and still have any of the other browsers installed on your computer at the same time.

Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded here for either Windows or Mac. While some features of ANGEL (the system used for online classes) or MySPC may function in other browsers or browser versions, we are currently unable to fix certain bugs which may occur with other browsers or browsers of different versions.