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Skype for Business Network-Based (IP) Phones

The majority of phones installed as part of the Skype for Business deployment are computer-based USB phones that plug directly into the computer and integrate with software on your computer. This allows those who use advantage of conferencing, video calling, and content sharing features in Skype for Business to have a seamless experience with their phone for the audio portion of their presentation.

However, in some cases a computer-based USB phone does not make sense in certain locations or functions. As such, SPC is also deploying network-based (also referred to as IP) phones in strategic locations across campus. These phones do not require connection or dependency at all with a computer and are always on and ready for use. However, network-based phones do cause those who participate in conferences and content-sharing presentations to no longer have a seamless experience with their phone in these circumstances.

Below are some images depicting our most common network-based phone models currently being deployed.



Please take the time to look at the quick reference document posted below about using common features on network-based Skype for Business phones.

Guide to Using Skype for Business Network-Based (IP) Phones
Need to Request Skype for Business Access?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SPC Technical Support Desk at (727)341-HELP (4357) or to have your questions answered and/or escalated.