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Resetting Your Skype for Business Conference ID

As Skype for Business completed the migration process, certain cleanup tasks were performed for the well-being of the long-term Skype for Business system operation. Some of these tasks, however, had an adverse effect on the Skype for Business Conferencing system. As such, some long-standing conferences that were scheduled may have issues where the Conference ID assigned to the conference is not recognized. There is a simple process to reset your assigned conference ID information, as shown below.

1.       Go to  
2.       Click the Sign In button and enter network username and password if prompted.  Please make sure the network username has ‘admin\’ in front.

3.       Once signed in, you might be prompted to enter a new PIN number, enter the new PIN number, if necessary. Then scroll down to the ‘Assigned Conference Information’ heading and click ‘Reset my Assigned Conference Information’.  Please note that any conferences that are pre-established on calendar with the old conference URL and conference ID will no longer work and the Lync meetings should be updated.  If prompted, you will have to update the meeting and send an update to all meeting participants.  Otherwise, the end user will need to recreate the meeting which will contain the new conference URL and conference ID.  

4.       Once the information is reset, you will see a new conference ID and meeting URL shown in the ‘Assigned Conference Information’ section.
a.       You should see the following:
                       i.      A dialog box in Outlook reading ‘Your conference information has been reset. Please restart Microsoft Outlook to send meeting invitations with the new information.’
                       ii.      You will receive this notification when opening a previously established online meeting after resetting your assigned conference information.

Current meetings will need to be updated in Outlook. Once opened it should prompt the user to send an update.

Important:  Please make sure to send an update after being notified of the change in assigned conference information.  Simply receiving a dialog box does not fix the conference information for the invited participants.

Need to Request Skype for Business Access?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SPC Technical Support Desk at (727)341-HELP (4357) or to have your questions answered and/or escalated.