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St. Petersburg College Student E-Mail Policy

SPC student email system

There are several ways to access your SPC Office 365 email:
Sync your mobile device to your email

If you want to get your SPC Office 365 email on your mobile device, please follow the appropriate instructions below for:

Login to your email from a Web browser

The easiest way to get to your SPC email online is to go to and use your current SPC user name and password to login.

Login to your email from MySPC

  1. Login to with your current SPC user name and password.
  2. From the top navigation, select the Email menu and then the My Email link from the drop down options.
  3. Input your password again to complete the process. (Please note that this second login is a temporary security issue.)
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St. Petersburg College does not accept Facebook e-mail. Below is the official college policy:

Policy Statement

Limiting Student Access on the SPC Student E-Mail System

St. Petersburg College has been asked to give its students access to Web-based vendors through their official college e-mail addresses. These vendor websites often cater to students allowing them to establish social connections ahd share personal information. SPC does not want to support this activity within the official college e-mail system for the following reasons:

1. SPC wants to maintain its e-mail accounts provided to all students as an official method for communicating directly with students. Each account is a limited size and therefore, excess non-official e-mails may prevent students from receiving important information that might impact their ability to register or receive financial aid.

2. These vendor websites are sponsored by other businesses and promote targeted advertisements from these third-parties. Such advertisements will appear as spam to students, SPC cannot control this access by third party advertisers once a student has established an account and accessed the vendor's website.

3. Once a student has an account with these types of vendors, the college can no longer protect the student from having personal information sold to other businesses.

4. SPC does not have a relationship with these outside vendors and we have requested that they remove our name from their website.

5. The college encourages students to use the online learning management system for academically-related connections with other students and faculty.

6. Students may use other personal e-mail accounts (not the official college provided e-mail account) to access websites not supported by SPC.